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                           WEB ANALYTICS

What is web Analytics?

Web analytics is the tool by which visits to a website are evaluated. The utilization of Web analytics enables a company to attract more visitors, retain new customers or to increase the volume of dollars each customer spends.

Here are five reasons why web analytics allow the company to gain insights.Trends and Conclusions.

*keyword Insight

*Customer Insight

*Social Insight

*page Quality

What is Web Analytics in digital marketing?

Web Analytics - Digital Marketing. For understanding and optimizing Web use, Web Analytics is the analysis, compilation, analytics, and reporting of the Internet data. Website quality tests against objectives. Insight into user preferences and criteria and how the page meets these requirements. 

Why is it important?

Which users do on your company or your website is very important to identify. Analytics allow you to quantify the effects of changing your marketing strategy, which is of priceless importance for the process of improving and optimizing online marketing campaigns and to identify strengths and weaknesses as a major advantage of using correct analytics.

Can Google Analytics tracks social media?

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to get to know visitors to your website.

And you can build a traffic moving device for your digital resources if you combine information from your website with social media.

This is not an overstatement. You will discover exactly what type of content and the social networks you want with Google Analytics. You will increase traffic and lead to your website with this information.

 Benefits of Web Analytics 

*Traffic outlets such as the search engine, regular keywords, and links that provide the most traffic for you.

*The number and sessions of unique visitors to your page.

*The number of pages posted on your web and the time spent.

*The way the visitors went when they were walking.