Pay Per Click

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                        PAY PER CLICK

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is a paid online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee every time they click on their ads. Marketers create ads and then bid on the online auction for specific search phrases. This allows them to display their ads on the search engine results page. Every time an ad is clicked, sending the visitor to a landing page or the website, a small fee is charged. It is essentially a targeted form of buying website visits, that will hopefully end up in conversions, whether it's a sign-up or a sale. PPC features advertisements in Google, Yahoo, and Bing these are ads on the edge, left, and even on Facebook pages.

Google's AdWords, which account for around 90% of PPC ad dollars, is the most popular program for PPCs.  AdWords has been the most cost-effective choice because of Google's high percentage of web searches.  However, everyday AdWords is more competitive and expensive, increasing the return on all the marketing dollars you invest.  Other networks are working hard to offer attractive systems and traffic to advertisers trying to get a bigger piece of Google's pie.

Difference between SEO and PPC?

SEO (organic traffic) is not only PPC traffic but also a lot more traffic than those keywords if you can manage to identify the website with the keywords you need. There was a mistake. Therefore, contrasting first-page traffic and first page costs for SEO traffic and PPC traffic is good for organic traffic.