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Email marketing is the way a commercial message is conveyed usually by email to a group of people. Each email sent to a potential customer could be considered in the broadest sense of the word email marketing. There was a mistake. You may send e-mails to an existing customer registry or the purchased lead list.

Digital marketing covers all marketing efforts using the Web or an electronic device, and companies are using digital channels to link their existing and future consumers, such as search engines, social media, e-mail, and other websites.


You need to continue trend analysis on several main measures in order to determine the quality of your email marketing You need to conduct an ongoing trend analysis of several key metrics to assess your email marketing efficiency. It helps you to compare the quality of each campaign against your own averages to see if a particular campaign has outperformed or underperformed your internal email.

To detect possible email list issues use this metric. There are two kinds of rebounds to be tracked solid rebounds and weak rebounds. Weak bounces resulted from a temporary problem, such as a full Inbox or a database error, with a valid email address.

These emails can be held on the recipient's server for delivery once the issue has been resolved, or you may try to return an email to soft bounces. Strong bounces come from a null, open or non-existent email address which can never be successfully delivered.


Defining Your audience

Set Your Objectives. Gather some context before you reach your campaign objectives

Creating a way to signup for people

Select the kinds of email campaign

Design a schedule

Measure the  results


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